To me, most people are young people. If I might advise those under 25, I advise, wake up to what has happened in your country, and take action because you want a better country. I was of your age once, and I wanted a better country. And I worked for it. For you who are over 50, and I was also there once. We should act out of guilt over what we have done or let others do to our country. Realize what  your country has become, with concentration of wealth and power in the few. Either rise up and make the effort peacefully now or let your children and grandchildren do it by violence.

I may not be heard by the majority of our people. They are too busy with the uphill battle of careers and family, like I was, to realize what is being done to them. They have been educated and brainwashed to believe that what the paper pusher, robber barons are doing is the only way.

In the earlier days of serfdom, the control of the serfs was restricted to an area of land owned by the lords. Now, because of modern communication, the control area is unrestricted. Before, the serfdom was defined by land, now it is defined by money. Your Government no longer controls the money. Do not think for a moment that the control of money has been through the creation of wealth or has been taken justly. Maybe lawfully, but not justly. It has been taken by the weakness of Government, which has been caused by the Political Parties and their controllers. It has been taken because our elected representatives have failed to represent the people that elect them.

What can you do about it?  You can do the same as those who first worked and sacrificed to build their lives and their country. You can work and sacrifice. Do it now, or it will be done later, with greater sacrifice.

You have to make the effort of mind and body. You must stop our dedication to the TV sets, ( the opiate of the masses) to the sports teams, to harmful substances. You must  use your mind to better understand how things work and how they should work. You have to make sure you elect people who will take the actions necessary to effect change in Government. You must be one of those few who will do the work.

The first thing is to realize that you CAN do the work, that you WANT to make a difference. You have to do what every uprising has done, join with all the people you can in the common purpose. To elect people, you can overcome the advertising paid for by the political machines. You can again relegate the political parties to creative purposes. Fewer people are volunteering to work for political parties. You have to expand and transfer your enthusiasm to every voter several times during a campaign. I changer the voting record of a constituency who had voted for only one party for 100 years. I called at every house in the constituency at least two times to extol the ability of the candidate. You can make change by doing the same.



Good points. I now wish I had gotten more involved when I was younger.