"from the book “the Four Horsemen”          " Question: What are your thoughts on the current crop of Western politicians?"

"Answer: “They are a colossal distraction, and increasingly irrelevant. It’s almost impossible to find an economically literate politician, or one that understands the need to re-order the economy and establish new political processes. Many politicians have little or no real world experience. These career politicians don’t have the self awareness to understand that without a good understanding of real world economics, politics is a magnet for narcissists. Politicians look after the next election. Statesmen look after the next generation. It’s statesmen we need now.”

 3 years ago I started a study that has included hundreds of pages of economics and political books, online university study, extensive lectures and interviews and much THINKING. Now I understand what is being done to Canada by the political parties.  For the last 45 years the Members of Parliament  have been standing by while others have devastated our economy. The last Prime Ministers, P. Trudeau, B. Mulroney, J. Chretien, & S. Harper have been weakening our economy. The income and wealth of the middle class has been shrinking, while the lowest 10%, and top 10% have grown in number. The share of all Canadian income going to the top 1% has almost doubled. Government debt has increased from $ 100 to $ 1700 billion and household debt by a similar degree.

FOR YOU YOUNG & WITH LOW INCOME!  I believe that this country, with proper Parliamentary representation, can provide employment and wages sufficient for a good life, and if not, enough money for a decent life. You have been given futile hope with university educations that do not assure a good living instead of skills training to get the better jobs. You are stuck with minimum wage, part time or unproductive work. You have the power to change all that, but many of you do not vote.  The well off all vote but there are more of you. 

FOR YOU IN THE MIDDLE CLASS!  I believe that this country, with proper Parliamentary representation, can introduce a tax system, based on standard of living,  that replaces favoritism for the rich with fair and simpler tax treatment to all. Many of you do not bother to vote, probably because you do not like the political parties. Your vote will count if you elect an independent candidate.

FOR  BUSINESSES!  I believe that this country, with proper Parliamentary representation,can extend the benefits provided for saving and investing to all investment in business of any size, taxing only what is taken home to live on.

OUR ENVIRONMENT!  I believe that this country, with proper Parliamentary representation, can fashion our economy without accumulating great environmental debt for Canadians in the future.

OUR PLACE IN THE WORLD! I believe that this country, with proper Parliamentary representation, can maintain participation in international affairs without subjecting our military, businesses, environment and society to foreign policies and controls.

In the last 45 years, since 1970, the Political Parties of Canada have allowed the economy of our society be dominated by international financial and corporate interests. The International Basel Committee, including Canada,  at that time led by P.E. Trudeau, undertook to control the monetary and financial policies of governments. The resulting economic instability in the USA, Britain and elsewhere, including Canada, has resulted in a weakened middle class, a larger lower class and the concentration of income and wealth in the rich elite. The policies of the political party in power, apparently condoned by the opposition parties, have lost control of our money to the banks. As Prime Minister Mackenzie King stated “ Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nation’s laws.” It appears that our MP’s do not know, or do not care, what is being done to us.

Since 1974 our Governments have needlessly cost the taxpayers $1 trillion in interest payments, have entered trade agreements that have, through trade and investment agreements,  devastated our  employment and industrial base. Canada has been plunged into needless government debt and crippling personal debt. The income tax has been engineered to favour the rich, especially the unproductive financial sector.  Our present and future generations will have little opportunity to live the life they deserve, unless fundamental changes are made to the way we govern and tax our society.

Before 1974 Canada had little debt, we had come through the depression, financed WWII, the Korean war, built the trans Canada highway and the St. Lawrence seaway all without significant debt. Employment rates were  high and paid wages enough to provide a comfortable living.  Small business grew and grew the economy. Taxation was reasonably fair and much less complicated. The top graduated tax rate on the highest incomes, ( those now over $136,000) was, during that time, above 75%, it  is now under 40%, the lowest it has been since the 1920’s, just before the great depression, and there is much of their income not subject to tax.  Many economists are forecasting another depression.

Those in the financial sector of our economy have  diverted our economy from creating employment and wealth to investment gambling that favours the rich. The founder of the Vanguard Investment Group stated:  “ The job of finance is to provide capital to companies. We do it to the tune of $250 billion a year in initial public and secondary offerings. What else do we do? We encourage investors to trade about $32 trillion a year. So the way I calculate it, 99% of what we do in this industry is people trading with one another, with a gain only to the middleman. It’s a waste of resources.”  Our Gross Domestic Product  has only been supported by financial gambling, consumer credit and Government Debt.

Our Members of Parliament have allowed themselves to become politicians instead of Parliamentarians. The political parties care not for members abilities, or a lack thereof,  but only for getting votes. There is ample evidence of the extent of the control of the party leaders over their Members of Parliament.  Members of Parliament must fulfill their proper role of vetting legislation and, more importantly, as overseers of the administration. Instead of continuing the political game, members must serve the people.

Canada is a small country with ample natural and human resources. Unless we want to be dragged down with the USA, Britain and Europe, we must make radical, and sometimes difficult changes in our society. Our politicians might feed their egos by playing the international games with the big boys, but we must make our own way with policies that serve all of our citizens. Change can only be made by electing capable members who will act and vote according to their own conscience.

a)    In eliminating all taxpayer contributions toward election expenses, except a fixed per voter contribution for each candidate’s expenses for one brochure circulation and local newspaper ad.
(b)    That political advertising should be limited and subject to proper rules of conduct.
(c)    That constituency organizations choice of candidate should not be subject to party approval.
(d)    In random seating in the legislative bodies, free voting, and more powerful committees.
(e)    That question period should require written questions and answers that are published.
(f)    In full time devotion by members to the duties of legislation and administration review.
(g)    In restoration of the Bank of Canada functions as sole creator of money and as the financing source of the Governments of Canada.
(h)    In strengthening regulation of financial institutions and markets, corporations and monopolies.
(i)    In eliminating Income Tax or defining income to include all receipts less all savings and investment.  There is no need for complicated taxation.
(j)    In protecting people from the excesses of consumer debt induced by consumer loan and credit agencies.
(k)    In implementing a tax on wealth to be used only for investment in public infrastructure and to encourage productive investment.

(l)    In the inclusion of costs of environment protection and degradation in economic decisions.
(m)   That  the military should not be engaged in foreign conflicts but should be expanded for training in national defense and emergency services.
(n)    That people should be provided with medical services only in excess of a small annual proportion (say 2%) of their taxable income or total wealth, and should be advised of the costs paid on their behalf.
(o)    That the many distributive justice programs should be replaced by a single basic universal income.
(p)    In the prevention of speculative financial devices from extracting real wealth from the economy.
(q)    That the benefits now provided for savings through the RRSP and other tax benefits should be available for all savings, without regard to amount or method.
(r)    That the benefits of the “trade deals” accrue mostly to international corporations and may act against Canadian sovereignty and economy.

I am angry at all political parties. Their main interest is party politics, not good government. They all take away the independence of their members. They all support special interests.  For 45 years they have followed disastrous policies that have devastated our production and employment, created massive government and household debt and weakened our democracy. Their tax policies have allowed income and wealth to go to the very rich. The rich get richer and the middle class is paying for it. Government debt is massive. All political parties squander the wealth of Canada on election advertising, mostly paid by taxation. The only way to restore true democracy is to elect some independent candidates.

I am economically literate. I understand the need, and have ability, and have ideas to re-order the economy and political processes.  I have extensive real world experience. I have political experience.  I am not interested in the next election, but in the next generation.  I would like to instruct and  influence other MP’s to serve people, not political parties. I believe in democratic capitalism and the market economy, neither of which our political parties have practiced for 45 years.
Party politicians vote for their party, I pledge to vote for whatever is best for Canada.