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One wonders if Political Parties are, at this time in our society, worth what they cost the taxpayers. They were useful organizations in days past as a vehicle for disseminating information about Government and in encouraging participation. Without the availability of modern communications, the electioneering process was a face to face effort. My experience, as a teenage political worker, spreading the message, to being an elected member, was for the most part enjoyable. I did not like fund raising in the towers of Toronto. There may have been faults with the political system in the old days. They were nothing compared to today’s buying of influence by large donors to the Political Parties.

Every Legislator comes to realize that his hopes “to be able to make a difference” is impossible because of his Party affiliation. Their party seems to have little interest in making a real difference, only in getting elected. The parties have bought off members hopes of “making a difference” by ratcheting up the remuneration of Legislators to far in excess of the value of the work they presently do. Instead of seriously involving Elected Members in the function of Governing, the Leader, selected by the Party for the ability to win an election, uses them as rubber stamps for the party demands. Of what value to any citizen is the Members' time spent electioneering between elections or of the money spent during elections. A simple brochure distributed by each individual candidate, to all voters, highlighting beliefs, rather than overblown advertising slogans by a political party, would suffice. A simple brochure, and people, especially young, fired with enthusiasm to reclaim their country, by getting out the vote, can make the difference.

Since no Political Leader has restored the role of Elected Legislators to that of serving the electorate instead of a party, Elected Members, who are not controlled by a party, must be elected to serve. This can be done by creating a “NO PARTY ARMY” in each constituency to counter the power of the money dominated political parties. Having worked in two countries where the disadvantaged and young formed an army to install a Government to serve people, I have seen it work. They did it with AK47s, this army can do it with ballots.

In between elections, the No Party Army would be the power behind a “NO PARTY CONSTITUENCY ORGANIZATION” whose function would be to encourage all candidates seeking election in the Constituency to embrace policies that would return Government control to the elected representatives. The real battles of the army would be against the Political Party Organizations in assuring election of a candidate based on their personal ability, principle and policies. A main function would be to encourage voters to submit policy and other questions for comment by all candidates. By having candidates evaluated on the same basis, true ability could be evaluated.

The majority of Political Party Constituency Organization Members are civic minded people who want to make a difference. Some have special agendas of improving the treatment of their special interests by Government. There may also be those who hope for patronage. These are acceptable reasons at the Constituency level. But supporters who simply want the best for their society are becoming disappointed with the failure of their party, at both the Provincial and Federal level, to represent them.

It is expected that a NO PARTY ARMY would attract joiners from all Political Parties , those who want to make a difference, as well as many that are opposed to the party system. Unless youth, who want a better future, join this army, change will not happen. It makes little difference to many of us who are getting long in the tooth, change is always slower than the passing of our lives. The ones that will be around for a while will benefit most. The function of the No Party Army would be to enable all voters to support any candidate of their choosing, not based on a party affiliation but solely on the policies and action that the candidate espouses their commitment to, and to encourage all eligible voters to exercise their privilege, and duty, to vote.

Based on the extent of complaining about the political parties, there must be a few leaders in each constituency who will make the effort to organize. Others would then join this army. The conduct of the legislative bodies could probably not be drastically changed immediately. However, the introduction of even a few independent members might immediately have an effect of providing real leadership by good example.