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The history of the rise and fall of each Empire of the past 3,000 years has encompassed approximately 10 generations of human life. The similarities in their rise and fall during that span can be observed to fall into 5 stages. Those of pioneering, of commerce, of affluence, of intellectualism and of decadence. The Countries, Societies or Empires of today can be seen to be following those same trends.

Our Country and Province are a small part of the “Western Societies”. Common and historical traits constitute the “West” as a power, a society, a civilization, and to some degree, an empire. The countries of this grouping can be considered tribes with differences. Those differences have, with the component of human influence, led to competitions and occasional wars. But the pattern of development and decline has been common. Let us hope that our tribe can change its ways so as to avoid the ending that is sure, if history is repeated, to come to the Western Empire. To quote President Harry Truman “ The only thing new in this world is the History that you don't know”.

Nova Scotia's and Canada's stage of pioneering was similar to the first stage of new empires throughout history. This stage displays a period of amazing initiative, and almost incredible enterprise, courage and hardihood. Usually overrunning other civilizations and enemies by force of arms, and, in the case of the Americas, also overrunning a wilderness.

The age of commerce developed first in Nova Scotia and overlapped with the age of pioneering that was still going on as Canada expanded to the west. The forming of Canada from East to West disrupted the normal North-South trade routes, taking away the growth of commerce in Atlantic Canada. Then for over a hundred years, the nation's East to West commerce developed steadily with major boosts from two world wars.

The developing commerce created higher standards of living and affluence. This has been based, to a large extent, on extraction of natural resources. Unfortunately, because of the domination of its political parties by the financial interests, Canada’s resources were extracted for others. The wealth derived from the exploitation of these resources accrued chiefly to foreign interests and a minority of Canadians. Even without the majority of Canadian's benefiting from our national wealth, the stage of Affluence was carried by Canadians assuming immense debt to leave the future generations.

The stage of intellectualism seems to always overlap those of affluence and decadence. As affluence grows and spreads, and the challenges of wealth creation diminish, the pleasures of intellectualism develop and expand to take prominence. It seems that at this point morals and dedication to purpose decline. Affluence morphs into decadence. Sports, leisure, art, travel, pleasures of the flesh expand their presence in the society. The empire or society or country is then exposed to the take over of a new age of pioneers. These new pioneers are usually characterized by an extraordinary display of energy and courage. The new conquerors are normally poor, hardy and enterprising and above all aggressive. The decaying empires which they overthrow are wealthy but defensive-minded and trapped in the status quo. Lets us hope that our new conquerors are our own youth.

Each must decide for themselves how far our society has traveled on our road to the end. There are many symptoms comparable to those that were evident in the empires of the past. We have the bulk of wealth created by our society going to an elitist minority. We have built a dependency on foreign and minimum wage workers, somewhat equivalent to the slave labour of past empires. I have said many times that the only hope that Government is allowing people is the lottery and the stock market gambling. We have our sports, gambling, entertainment, drugs, and the modern “opiate of the masses”-- television. We are loosing, as was lost in previous empires, the work ethic, morals, fitness and appreciation of our planet. Do you think that the symptoms are similar?

Sir John Glubb (deceased) published a paper “THE FATE OF EMPIRES AND SEARCH FOR SURVIVAL” in which he traced the growth and death of empires over a 3000 year period. He likened all of those empires to the the present British Empire and the Western Society.

The Fate of Empires by Sir John Glubb - Friends of the ...

The following quotation has been around and ignored for a long time "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship." The fiscal policies followed for at least the last 40 years has even allowed the banks to create money as well as receive it from the public treasury.