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11 WHY ME ??

Why would someone without a College education, think that he is qualified to write about changing Government? Firstly, because no body else is doing, or even suggesting, anything to change the basics of our problems. And because, he has experience and has, since the demands of career and family are past, had time to read, reflect and THINK. Maybe because of a breadth and variety of work and experience. A breadth including, work and night study to achieve the status of Chartered Accountant; Farm machinery sales, trucks and car dealer; CA professional practice partner; Consultant to Canadian Governments at all levels; Vice President of Professional Engineering firm; International project management; Business start up and management in fish processing, cable television and venture capital; and Political involvement for over 60 years as poll worker, fund raiser and 2 term elected member of the Nova Scotia Legislature.

Even being qualified, why undertake what may be a futile attempt to make a difference? Because of the responsibility we all have to future generations. Not only our Governments but our Society have allowed themselves to forsake the moral and service standards that past generations initiated. The pattern of formation and disintegration suffered by empires and societies over the past 3,000 years are being followed by us, and the glory days are past. The citizens of our country and society know things are not right and they complain. Some peoples finally resort to violence to get rid of those who serve their own interests instead of those of their country. I hope that the Internet and the opportunity that it gives for using the ballot instead of violence to change our society will enable the developing generations to rescue us from the political and economic excesses that has developed.

If my humble effort influences people to use their God given minds and brains to turn their complaining about Government, business and the state of our society into action, I will have achieved the highest goal. People complain that the present actions of all parties have focused attention on politics instead of on Government. They complain that the power that individuals should have over their own affairs is being concentrated in bureaucracy, the political parties and those that control them. They complain that the wealth of the Country is being denied to the productive members of our society and concentrated in the hands of the politically favoured. They complain that our natural resources are being depleted to pay for the excesses of the rich and for the importation of unnecessary consumer goods.

The ineffectual members of Parliament and the Legislatures are letting themselves be manipulated. The action proposed is to counter the adversarial political system and return the emphases of Government to the individual. This can only be achieved where citizens have any power at all, at the constituency level. We must form an army in every constituency, armed with the ballot. As in any army, the young must be the foot soldiers, knowledgeable leaders their sergeants and lieutenants, and those with experience and maturity, their strategists and trainers. Everyone has a duty to join this army. Those with something to lose will say that the suggestions are too radical, crazy, impossible, harmful and every other negative thing. They will be right that nothing can be changed, UNLESS, we take control of our Governments back from the political parties.