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13 Governmentn Jobs

s employment of people to do unnecessary work better than simply providing support for those in need? If you say yes to that, would you still say yes if that employment was in Government? Government employment can be cut, and should be cut, especially the high priced jobs that do little for the ordinary citizen. In Nova Scotia, to excerpt from the Chronical Herald, “Government jobs in Nova Scotia paid an annual average of 67.1 per cent more than private-sector jobs”. Provincial Government Jobs have grown by 20% since year 2000. Has this increase been really needed, or even wanted by the people or only to add to the numbers and power of our Government administration?

The article mentioned above indicated that Nova Scotia would have to reduce its Government employment numbers by 14,000 to meet the national average. Would any of our political parties have the will to undertake such an effort? They would not, because they can not see beyond the status quo. They fail to look at the basic need to serve people, not their bureaucratic systems. The systems that have more interest in control over people rather than respect for people.

The welfare system has a line up of people waiting for someone behind the desk to judge them and decide what is good for them. The welfare system is made up of many sub systems with their own bureaucracy and terms of payment. Why not a simple weekly credit to a debit card for an amount determined by their lever of income? Nlet the computers do it all. In days past wages were paid in cash every Saturday. People could budget on a weekly basis. Now the Government and others pay by checque on a less frequent basis. People find it hard to cash a cheque and a business has sprung up where large fees are charged for cheque cashing for cash to go from payday to payday. Has our Government personnel no concept of those less well off then they are?

The health system has a most disgraceful bureaucratic overload. What a horrible mistake Government made by setting up this expensive bureaucracy. How simple it would have been to limit itself to its true function of helping those in need. If Government paid medical costs in excess of, say, 10% of the annual income of an individual, and left provision of the care to others, everyone would have medical coverage and the excessive costs would be avoided. People would control costs themselves. Now we have both medical personnel and administration by threat and intimidation pushing up costs, because of the vulnerability of politically dominated Government.

As I often contend, all laws, both those passed by our elected representatives and those imposed by the bureaucracy, erode the freedom of all people, even if only intended to affect the few. Those 14,000 excess and unnecessary jobs could be eliminated while making people more satisfied with their Government.