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It is always a pleasure to listen to Don Connolly interviewing Graham Steel. This morning dealt with Program Review by the current administration. The background information on the conduct of Government, that was the topic this morning is helpful in understanding the procedures within Government. It pinpoints that Political Reasons are paramount in every action taken by our elected representatives. That a Program Review Committee should meet in secret is the logical and correct practice when considering options that may never be chosen. How wonderful it would be if such a committee included representatives of all Political Parties, and a “No Politics” group, not interested in their political affiliation, but only what is truly good for the people they represent. The leaders, and members, of all parties are as smart, and as dedicated, as the party with the majority of seats. They are all getting paid to represent the people, not to assure their, or their party's reelection.

The following quote should be kept in mind by elected representatives “A representative must be sensitive of the views of the people, and sometimes must run the risk of their displeasure, or he will never do them any good in the long run.” One might add that many of the electorate would empty the treasury without regard to the welfare of their country or of their descendants. Political Parties lack the moral strength to resist the temptation to buy peoples support with their own money.

Programs should be reviewed with the primary question being, “How does the program benefit each and every citizen, and, how much freedom and money does it cost each and every one of them?” It is not the program that should be the concern, it is the people. Might it not be better for the people if the program, with its administration costs, were canceled and the total cost put in the pockets of those it is meant to help?

There are so many programs that distribute buying power to those who need it, might they all be canceled and a simple “reverse income tax” pay them the funds. Government has been proven less capable of “doing for people” than people can do for themselves. There is an intellectual elite who mistakenly think that they know what is best for people. Most of them have never “walked in the shoes” of those people. The best society is the one which provides maximum freedom of choice, with the means for at least a minimum standard of living, to all members.

Lets do away with the costs of any “programs” that provide and control people and instead provide the means for our people to provide for themselves. It will be the intent of future articles here to look at areas in some of these programs where Government is trying to do for people, what they would be better off doing for themselves.