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The life of Societies or Empires over the last 3,000 years have been approximately 250 years. The Western societies have recently experienced faster technological changes and lifestyles than those of the past, which may have been accelerating their own demise.There have been six similar stages in the life of all empires of the past. 

Pioneering , characterized by an extraordinary common display of energy and courage.

Conquest, developing individual risk taking, enterprise, and hardihood.

Commerce, emphasizing geographical expansion of transport and trade.

Affluence, when money, and conspicuous consumption, replaces morals and effort

Intellectualism, with mental cleverness, without unselfishness or human self-dedication

Decadence, evidenced by a lowering of moral standards, cynicism, pessimism and frivolity

As US President Harry S Trueman said “ There is nothing new in this world, except the history you do not know.” Read the history of the rise and fall of past empires and compare it to our own at “http://www.newworlnatural


Canada with its natural, and that of its young people, resources, may be able to reverse its decline. But only if the standards of morality, energy, courage, sacrifice and hard work portrayed by past generations is restored.

I would also direct you to the documentary “ The 4 Horsemen” the name associated with describing the causes of our current economic Apocalypse. A documentary that counters the financial interests whose power has caused the economic disparity we suffer. And a documentary which gives hope that our youth, with self education, knowledge and responsibility can pursue the Great Cause of restoring our politics and government to dominance over the destructive powers of the financiers.

Go to You Tube and look for the 98 minute documentary.