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Elected Representatives are employees of the taxpayers. They are paid to write and administer legislation. The legislation should, first of all, assure fairness between all members of the society. IT should be protective of the long term interests of the society and of the present and future generations of its members. All legislation takes away freedom of the many for the benefit of the few. Most humans will take all that they can from Government, even to the detriment of others, especially of the future members of the society.

Once elected a legislators only duties are in respect of Legislation and its administration. The members should dedicate his full time and effort to those duties. As must other employees, 40 hours a week should be spent at their work place. It is hard work, legislation and its effectiveness must be studied and understood. How much of this work can be done at a constituency office? Almost none. The time spent in a constituency office is political time. Too often it is time spent with political party members discussing reelection or favours for party members. Constituents concerns about Laws and Administration is better provided to the member by letter, email or even telephone. The concerns would be more clear and the member would have greater opportunity to give serious consideration. With all of our modern communication technology the member can be easily contacted.

A constituency office is a political office. Politics is not what the member is being paid for. Social interaction is not necessary to enable the electorate to judge the member. And to listen to many members, is a disagreeable effort for them. Reelection should be based on the quality of the work that has been done by a member. Taxpayers should not be paying for party politics, nor should they be paying for an office in the constituency or for someone to be employed there.

A constituency office is a distraction from the true duties of a member. A member should spend their work week at the center of Government. Members, with other members, should be constantly considering legislation and assuring that it is being administered in a manner intended. When concerns are submitted by constituents, or other members of the public, there usually must be interaction with the administrative branch.

Government expenditures should not include costs which are not necessary and beneficial to taxpayers. Constituency Offices are certainly not beneficial to other than political parties.