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Government should never do for people what they can do for themselves. Government should make the laws and prosecute criminal infractions. It should also level the financial playing field by levying taxes and paying for services. In the case of education, to provide basics enough to enable its young citizens to learn. As Mark twain said “ I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”.

Oh course the school boards are failing. They, like the rest of Government, are two big and impersonal. We must return to the system where schools cost less and the graduates came out responsible individuals able to utilize whatever learning they were able to master. The old saying “You can not make a silk purse out of a sows ear” can be applied to students. The intellectual elite who now administer our schools, and most everything else in Government, “see people as they wish they were rather than as they really are”. They see teachers and students and parents as if they were each all alike. As in most things, our politicians and administrators deal with “THE EDUCATION SYSTEM” rather than the people.

We can not go back to the old one room schools with one teacher and 9 grades. Many, including myself, capable and successful adults, developed from that start in life. Those schools were close to the people they served, run by those who were parents and community leaders in the area served by the school. We can go back to having each school run by the stakeholders in each school, the parents, the teachers and the students. Have a school board for each school, parent members elected by the parents, teacher members elected by the teachers and student members elected by the students. Have the board hire the Principal. Give the principal appropriate responsibilities and powers to manage, and, give the board appropriate responsibility over policy and administration. Let the boards compete with each other, let the good become an example to the bad. Let the stakeholders be the ones responsible to make their school part of the community of which they can share responsibility and pride. Something they can never have with people from some distant Provincial and County Capital running their school. 

Schools are a good place for our elected representatives to start doing what is best for the people they serve, rather than doing what is political.