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Especially in regards to this system, our Governments serve the system rather than the people. Only a politician or other person in denial would claim that we have “Free” health care. Anything that one is entitled to without bearing a direct cost, can neither be appreciated nor conserved. What designer of the system could be unrealistic enough to deliver the services without assuring that the recipient is aware of what is being paid on their behalf? Medicare in the USA advises the patient the amount of the bill being paid to Doctors, hospitals and other providers. This is a way of checking to see that the services are as being properly charged for, as well as indicating the value provided.

If Government were serving people instead of “systems” and they wanted to assure the provision of Universal Health care, their function would be a simple health insurance to meet the costs that people were unable to pay themselves. Every person should, and should be able to, use at least some percentage of their annual income for health care. A little bit of effort and sacrifice would assure appreciation for the health services that they receive. Those on social assistance or with borderline resources could have their social services entitlement increased to allow for their health cost. People might be more inclined to maintain better personal health if they were paying something of the cost they incurred. They would also be less inclined to seek unnecessary services.

The very thought of Public Administration of personal services in a Capitalistic, or any other, society, is a challenge to common sense. Monopolies for the supply of services always results in excess cost and lack of service to the consumer. The elected representatives have been irresponsible in failing to control monopolistic trends in the corporate world and in their creation of a bureaucratic monopoly in delivering health and other services. The big public hospitals have been able to prevent competition from clinics and services providers that could provide some treatments more efficiently, and at lower cost. It is almost evil that the bureaucrats can dictate what services or medications are to be used by patients and providers. They should only set the maximum amount that would be paid for by health care, and leave choices to the patient.

I follow the postings to “ “. I recommend that all Nova Scotians follow this site to stay informed about the failures of our health services in Nova Scotia.

It seems to be shortsighted to talk about the problems in the system without facing the fact that it is the system itself that is at fault. It is people that we should be thinking of, not system. Until our politicians have Government concentrate on helping people instead of building bureaucracy, good health care will not be achieved. Just provide the resources and let people, doctors, nurses and line staff, care for the people and keep the bureaucrats from getting in the way and diverting resources.