The irrelevance of our vote in today's Democracy is well portrayed in the recent books by or about former elected representatives. They, representatives at both Federal and Provincial Governments, point out the extent of their control by their Political Parties and their irrelevance as elected representatives. The Political Parties spend millions of dollars of voters money on advertising in order to promote (sell) party and leader. We choose our member like we choose a can of tomatoes. We do not use our minds to think and we then end up with elected representatives who do not use their minds to think.

The book “Shopping for Votes” by Susan Delacourt traces the sad development of control of our minds by the polling and advertising professionals. Edward Bernays wrote “- - - we are dominated by a relatively small number of persons . . . it is they who pull the wires which control the public mind”.

It seems that the minds of our citizens are so controlled, or their minds are so lazy, that they do not care that our economy, our middle class, our whole society is being allowed to be destroyed. How can we, you and I, sit back and knowingly pass on the debt, excessive depletion of resources, pollution and diminished moral standards to our grandchildren. All we have to do is take back control of our minds, use those minds and elect independent members to do what is right, not what is political.

It is astounding that we are actually paying the polling, branding, propaganda and advertising costs that enable the few to control our minds. We, the taxpayers, pay the electioneering costs, the public relation costs of Government, the tax deductions for political donations, the wasteful costs of Constituency offices. All that should be needed to enable voters to make the decision of which candidate to vote for is the printing cost for a statement of the qualifications and position on policies of the candidates from whom we must select our representative. With this information readily available, there would surely be enough citizens who would carry out their responsibility to make a seriously considered choice of representative. Advertising should be limited, within a constituency, only for a candidate, by money raised within that constituency.

Our political masters have added this mind control to the “bread and circus” controls of olden days. Our citizens are kept satisfied and docile by a standard of living which will be paid for by future citizens. They are provided hope by lotteries, casinos and the stock market. Their attention is drawn away from their civic responsibilities, by the circuses, the entertainment, the sports, and ,the opiate of the masses, TV. Canada need not follow the USA and England on the road to a 25 year depression, now being forecast by some economists. We are small enough and rural enough to make the necessary basic changes in our Democracy. But first we must take back of control our minds, get rid of the Political elite, the Political Parties, and elect thinkers who care more for their country than for the next election.