In many of my articles there have been pleas for citizens, and elected representatives, to “THINK”, to use their minds. I have found myself as guilty as anyone for having a lazy mind. Maybe I am only now realizing that we may not be as guilty as we seem. Maybe we have all been suffering from “brainwashing”. I have been concerned about Government, and personal, debt for some time. But until I delved into political research it did not occur to me that we are victims of the Banking and financial manipulators. By not thinking about the influence of the Neo-Conservative economists I felt secure that our Government was doing what was best for our economy. I actually believed the propaganda from the economists who were spreading fear of inflation. I believed that our Government was not printing money because of that fear. But now I realize that the banks, without control by our legislators, are creating money, without consideration of its harm to individuals and country. Instead of money being created for all of us, it is being created by the banks, for the banks, out of nothing. Instead of the increase in the money supply being based on created wealth, it is being created by strokes of computer keys. It is being based on pieces of paper or digital pulses with nothing to back it. The money created results from devaluation of the savings of the rest of us, and transfer of wealth to the financial community. No wonder the wealth is being accumulated by the financial elite and the middle class is disappearing. Whoever you are out there, do as I have done, go to the internet, including You Tube and listen to what people, much smarter than me, are saying about our economies. I was impressed by the simplification of the analysis, by a retired school teacher named Bill Abram, on You Tube. Many Economists present much of the same analysis, but he says it so that it can be understood. The documentary “”The 5 Horsemen” by a British group calling itself “Renegade Economists” is worth a watch. There are plenty of scary commentaries about the precipice on which the USA and British economies find themselves. This damned foolishness of using Gross Domestic Product, based on what we consume or destroy, to indicate the health of our economy, is the type of lie that has enslaved societies. The concept that increasing consumption is good for our economy is so bizarre that it supports the concept that the bigger the lie, the harder to disprove it. It is not consumption but increased production that is good for our economy. During WWII, the Government created money for production, for jobs, our economy was healthy. There was not much consumption, but people were happy with their economy. Our Government is encouraging depletion of our natural resources, discouraging production, allowing consumption with money we do not have, and allowing the banks to print the money. I have always had an aversion of conspiracy theories. But, considering the fragility of human morality, that of a world order, controlled by an elite, is giving me an uneasy feeling. I believe in independence, both of the individual and country. Being a small country, rich in human and natural resources, we might be able insulate ourselves from the economic deterioration to our south, and elsewhere in the world. But we can not do it with Political parties, controlled by an elite, with short term vision, committed to themselves, instead of the welfare of our country.