36 Political Candidate Qualifications

In previous articles, I have expanded on concerns expressed by other ex elected representatives regarding the effectiveness of those elected by current campaign methods. The generally held concern that the present methods of nomination of candidates by the Political Parties, at the constituency level, does not assure selection of those with sufficient capability to adequately fulfill the duties required of them. Political Parties appear to be only interested in an ability to be elected, not an ability to govern. The evolution of the power, and members financial reward, being controlled by the controllers of the political parties has resulted in the elected representatives allowing dictatorial control by the political leaders. The mind control of voters, by the political parties, that presently determines who is elected, must be replaced by voters basing their choice on a thorough evaluation of candidates abilities.

To do this every voter should be provided with at least as much information as would be required by any other employer of candidates for equally challenging positions. All Candidates should be required to answer any and all questions asked by constituents seeking a proper basis on which to make their vote.

The question of the extent of knowledge and learning ability of a candidate should not be limited to the level of schooling. As Mark Twain said “one should not let their schooling interfere with their education”. Voters should know the fields of knowledge that have been added since academic studies. How much has been learned about the social and economic functions of Government ? What experience of the real world has been absorbed? What books have been read? Have the books such as “Tragedy in the Commons”; “Irresponsible Government”; “Shopping for Votes”, “What I learned about politics” and many others, which would prepare the candidate for the route to failure that might follow their election, been studied ? Is there the ability to read and understand the statutes, whose vetting will be the primary responsibility of the elected representative? Is he/she able to articulate and follow the level of morality that will be required to restore justice to Government and to society? Is there a willingness to learn and grapple with the important economic and fiscal problems faced by our country? Is there the strength to stand up to the lobbyists who would infect the mind and morals of legislators? Is there enough originality and firmness of mind to accept change of Government and our economy from the present dysfunctional status ? Will they be merely politicians or dedicated servants of the people ?

These questions should be answered, and many more questions dealing with Government policies, should be understood and answered when asked by voters in the constituency. I will be suggesting such questions in other articles.