Will you support changing the voting system to require a clear majority of votes by the voters in a constituency to elect their member?


To answer this question candidates would be required to understand the following. Under the present system of “first past the post” a representative of the people can be elected with as low as one over the average number of candidates. For example, with 4 candidates, a representative could be elected with 25% + 1 of the ballots cast. This method favours the political party with the biggest advertising budget or the most charismatic leader. The candidate with the highest credentials and greatest ability may be eliminated. The winner may be only a puppet for the political party.

With a preferential or alternative method of voting each voter would select their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice of candidate. The candidate with the lowest number of 1st choice votes would be eliminated and their 2nd choices would be counted for the remaining candidates. The first candidate to reach a majority of votes would be the elected representative. Such a voting method would not restrict the influence of the political party members, who could still support their candidate, qualified or not. It would not restrict those voters who could still support their friends or family members, qualified or not. It would not restrict those voters who were led, or mislead, by party advertising, candidate qualified or not. It would restrict the rest of the voters by requiring their effort to compare the credentials and ability of all candidates.